Mobile + IoT Summit
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May 24

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Your Guide to Building
the Connected World

Title: Mobile + IoT Summit
Date/Time: May 24, 2018 (10am PT / 1pm ET - Online Conference)
Attend Online and Learn

The Mobile + IoT Summit is a Multi-Vendor Online Conference where Mobile and IoT experts will reveal how to design and deliver apps, data & microservices for the 'connected world'. Subjects to include: low-code platforms, easy integration, streaming data, mobile BI, IoT and security.

Topics to include:

  • The Age of Low-Code, No-Code Mobile Platforms
    Speed & simplify mobile app delivery. Cut complexity of mobile app integration. Enhance mobile apps with security, identity and management. All code-free.
  • The Enterprise-Ready 'Connected Architecture'
    Get the recipes for delivering fast and repeatable success for mobile and IoT - including APIs, cloud, data streaming, microservices & messaging.
  • Emerging Best Practices for IoT Apps
    Tips to develop, deploy and run IoT apps that leverage huge data volumes across limitless endpoints.
  • Mobile BI & Analytics
    Provide your mobile workforce with customized, real-time info on business and customer activity. Rapidly build and deliver mobile-friendly analytics, 'interactive' dashboards, insights and reports.
  • Boost Mobile Interaction with Chatbots and AI
    See how intelligent bots and AI are changing the face of customer engagement for mobile apps. Add 'automated' conversations - without complex coding.
  • Secure Any App, Data or Thing
    Protect mobile apps, data, streams, IoT endpoints -- and users. Latest practices for encryption, identity, MFA, SSO, SSL/TLS, tokens, more.
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