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Openmake Tunes Meister to Automate Cloud Provisioning

OpenMake is shipping an update to its Meister with automatic cloud provisioning to give customers a consolidated platform for managing a software release from build through production release.

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Oracle Digs in On NoSQL, Hadoop, End-to-End Big Data

This week at Oracle OpenWorld, Oracle execs unveiled what the company called an “end-to-end solution” for big data, designed to make massive data volumes readily available to BI, analytics and data warehouses. The announcement also begins to spell out Oracle’s commitments to Hadoop and NoSQL.

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Active Endpoints’ Cloud Extend Brings BPM, Cloud integration to Salesforce

Active Endpoints is bringing SaaS customers a new level of customization capabilities with Cloud Extend, which lets users easily share across many Salesforce users – as well as access, integrate and mashup data and processes that live outside Salesforce.   IDN spoke with Active Endpoints CTO Michael Rowley about the idea, architecture and use cases for Cloud Extend.

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Mu Dynamics ‘Blitz’ Speeds Provisioning; Ties Together AppDev, Load Testing

Mu Dynamics is making it easier for devs and provisioning teams to validate and test the performance of cloud applications directly from popular PaaS, CMS or web management apps they’re already using. Mu is integrating its Blitz cloud-based load and performance testing solution with Heroku, AppHarbor, Acquia and CloudFlare.

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